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Overcome Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry In Crystal Dental

As a dentist for anxiety patients, Dr. Chacko and Dr Veni understand that there are many different factors underlying the nervousness, and many levels of anxiety. That’s why we provide two options of soothing solutions in sleep dentistry:

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Nitrous oxide

Dental “laughing gas” inhaled through a nasal mask. It takes effect fast, inducing a carefree state of mind. Euphoria wears off quickly when the flow of gas is stopped, so you can return to normal activities without grogginess. Nitrous oxide is a good choice for someone who is a little anxious about a dental procedure or is afraid of needles. It is also safe for children.

Oral sedation

If you feel like you cannot go to your appointment because of anxiety, or you want the time to pass quickly, oral sedation can be helpful. This Valium-type medication is usually taken the night before your appointment (so you sleep well), with another dose just before you come into the office. You will be drowsy, but you are not “knocked out” – you can communicate and move around if necessary. You will need someone to drive you and will likely have little memory of treatment.

Since your body is also relaxed with sedation, you are less likely to gag, salivate, or have a sore jaw, neck, or back after treatment.

Crystal Dental Clinic in Fergus

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