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New patients – Dental Exam

The dental exam at Crystal dental is critical to your ongoing oral health—and only your dentist can perform this. The dental exam can catch problems early—before you see or feel them—when they are much easier and less expensive to treat. There are two kinds of dental exam the first a Recall Exam done during your hygiene visits and second a Comprehensive Dental Exam for new patients and for patients with many ongoing dental problems.

We are Accepting New Patients!

The exam consists, in part, of the dentist looking inside your mouth. In the past, you may not have even realized an exam was taking place. Perhaps you thought the dentist was checking the work the hygienist had just completed. Not so. The dentist actually looks in your mouth for things that can affect your oral—and your overall—health. Many of these are things you can’t see on your own, but that a dentist is trained to detect.

Here is some of what your dentist is looking for during a dental exam:

As well as the visual inspection of your mouth, the exam includes:

A complete medical history so the dentist knows about any health conditions that may affect the success of dental treatments or procedures or that may be associated with oral health problems.

Be Sure to Tell Your Dentist

The more your dentist knows about your overall health, the more effective they can be in addressing your oral health care needs. Be sure to mention: