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Enhance the Beauty of Your Smile with Quality Dentures

Rely on the team at Crystal Dental to provide the best services for your oral health. Dentures are a great option to restore the function, beauty, and health of your smile. You’ll be pleased to know that, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional sanitary and safety protocols. Your health and safety are our number one priority.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances that act as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. These dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth to avoid any noticeable changes in your appearance. In some cases, dentures are even known to improve your smile!

There are two types of dentures:

Acrylic Dentures

Also referred to as plastic dentures, acrylic dentures are the cheapest and quickest options to replace missing teeth. 

What are the benefits of Acrylic dentures?

What is the procedure for getting new dentures?

Our dentists will first assess your teeth to see if dentures will be suitable for your teeth. In the case of small or medium dentures, the impression, make, and fit of the denture can be done on the same day, after an assessment from our dentists. In case of very large dentures, you might need to get a bite registration appointment. Sometimes, these can also be done on the same day.

Metal Dentures

Manufactured with a medical-grade metal alloy, these dentures are custom-made to fit you perfectly. This is a hypoallergenic material to ensure denture wearers do not suffer from irritation or allergies. These dentures are custom made to fit each individual patient well. The metal alloy ensures that you do not suffer from any irritation or allergies.

What are the advantages of metal dentures?

What is the procedure for getting metal dentures?

Getting a metal denture involves a few steps. First, your teeth are assessed to ascertain that this is the right treatment for you. If yes, then impressions of your teeth and gums are taken. The dental laboratory will use these to provide custom-made metal dentures for you. Depending on the size of the denture, this may take a few days. Once the dentures are made, they are returned to the clinic for further adjustments and the final fitting. Reach out to the team at Crystal Dental to learn more about our denture services.