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Cracked or chipped tooth?

Dental filling is the answer

Suffering from dental cavities? Or is it a broken tooth that’s giving you problems when you’re having lunch or dinner? Whatever the issue is, you can hire our comprehensive dental filling services at Crystal Dental and get it resolved as quickly as possible. A dental filling can be used to repair any tooth that has been affected by cracks, fractures or decay. The damaged part will be removed and filled with the filling material which is generally made of silver amalgam or a special composite, each has its own benefits. We are ideally locatedright off of Route 291 at 875 St David StreetNorth Fergus, Ontario. 

What Can Dental filling or Bonding Fix?

We use bonding for a wide range of cosmetic purposes, including for

What Does Dental Bonding Involve?

We start by choosing a material that matches the colour of your teeth. Usually, there is no need to for anesthesia, unless the bonding is for decay. Sometimes, we need to remove a small amount of your tooth enamel, but in many cases the natural tooth stays intact. Once the tooth is prepared, we apply the bonding directly to the tooth, mold it into shape, and cure it with a special light.

Revive the functionality of your tooth

The common materials that are used to make the filling include porcelain, silver and gold amalgam, and composite resin (coloured tooth fillings). The damaged section of the tooth/teeth is cleaned first and then the filling is put inside the section. Metal amalgams are inexpensive and long-lasting while composite resins give your teeth their natural colour. We can advise you on what type of filling would be required for you depending on your tooth/teeth condition. 

Crystal Dental Clinic in Fergus
Dental Filling by Crystal Dental Clinic in Fergus

Generally, you would need a tooth filling done if you observe the following symptoms

Sometimes, even when you’re talking you may feel pain due to infection in the cavity which is one of the reasons you should never ignore them. If you notice such symptoms, our advice to you is to consult one of our dentists at Crystal Dental. Book a consultation today, we will look into the issue and resolve it. We offer our dental filling services to customers across Ontario, call us, you won’t regret it.

Protecting Your Bonded Tooth

Is Bonding Right for You?

Book a consultation to find out whether bonding is the right option for you. It may be ideal if you are looking to solve a minor problem with a minimally-invasive procedure. Plus, it is less costly than other cosmetic options and takes less time to complete

Crystal Dental Clinic in Fergus
Crystal Dental Clinic in Fergus

Affordable dental filling services

One of the reasons why dental filling many do not go for dental fillings is because they think it’s too expensive. Let us put those worries to rest. At Crystal Dental high-quality yet reasonably prices dental filling services to all our customers. We are partners with all major insurance companies across the country to make our payment procedures as hassle-free as possible. So what are you still waiting for? Say goodbye to your cavity problems, contact Crystal Dental today.