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Importance of an effective Oral Health

Parents aiming to teach their children about the importance of an effective oral health routine could benefit from a range of treatments and preventative measures offered by dentists at Crystal dental. The following children’s dentistry advice may help guardians prevent the onset of tooth decay. It could also familiarise youngsters with the feel of the dental practice to help eradicate any dental phobias, fears or concerns in later life.

Maintaining the oral health of children is indeed a strenuous and adventurous task. And parents have a big role in preventing any cavities, infections or other dental injuries. But at the same time, it’s also important to have a dentist who understands children and offer them comfortable and convenient dental services.

Regular checkup for your children can help protect their adult teeth

At Crystal Dental, we will help your child overcome any fear they have related to dental treatments and help them in practising good dental hygiene. There are certain misconceptions that you shouldn’t brush your baby until they have teeth. But it’s a big no-no! You might not be able to see the teeth outside the gum, but it’s important to clean your baby’s mouth even before they have teeth,

Here’s how you can do it and make sure you are holding your baby in a comfortable position while brushing :

Healthy dental practices should be followed even before your child can do it themselves otherwise this can lead to early gum and teeth issues and even unevenly arranged set of teeth. This can later lead to various issues such as having to wear a retainer or getting braises to fix the alignment of the teeth. Such painful and stressful procedures can be avoided with a little bit of care and consideration.

Why are healthy teeth so important?

Ensuring baby teeth remain healthy is vital for a child to eat and maintain good nutrition. In addition, healthy and correctly aligned teeth allow clear pronunciation and speech habits. They also help to guide the growth of permanent adult teeth in later life.

When will my child start teething?

Preventing tooth decay

Is a healthy diet important?

Encouraging children to eat healthy foods is vital in the prevention of emerging problems with teeth and gums. The consumption of a wide variety of foods is recommended. This will help to provide nutrients to ensure the teeth, bones, and soft tissue in the mouth remain in a good condition.

First dental visit

What is a dental sealant?

Fissure sealants used in Children’s dentistry

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth